New Show!

The gates of the land of ASHTONIA, the most amazing country in the country, are wide open again from June to July 2018. Leave your cares behind at the drawbridge of Chateau Zeist and vanish through the magic mirror into the land, where nothing is as it seems.

The Ashton brothers take you on an adventurous and culinary voyage along the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba and New Orleans, past Mardi Gras, Dia de los Muertos, grill masters, musicians, acrobats, clowns, sorcerers, cowboys and Indians.
ASHTONIA 2018 is a full-blown Latin-American souvenir that keeps on humming in your head.

You have no idea what is happening to you in ASHTONIA: your senses instinctively become alert. You prick your ears up with joy, you feast your eyes, your jaw drops in amazement and your head reels with the magnificent musical revelations. ASHTONIA, land of glorious laughter. Clearly, the land offers plenty to eat, drink and be merry. You will be spoiled with the finest dishes Central American cuisine has to offer. ASHOTNIA is the ultimate fiesta, it makes your summer complete!

The land of ASHTONIA, the most amazing country in the country!

Ashton Brothers

The Ashton Brothers are a theatre group acclaimed by the international press and audience. Admired for their performances packed with music, acrobatics, emotion and especially, rib-tickling laughter.

Circus theatre in optima forma. Venues where they have performed range from Toronto to Paris and from Budapest to Barcelona, winning them various theatre awards.

In ASHTONIA they take their artistry and aerobatics to a whole new level and are eagerly excited about their new show.


Knowing you can’t laugh on an empty stomach, ASHTONIA treats all its visitors to a drink and a delicious Ashtonian meal. In other words, magic potion and an energizing meal.

Be sure you are on time to enjoy all the amazing food and drinks. The grounds are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 hrs (17:30 hrs for VIPs) and on Sunday from 17:00 hrs (16:30 hrs for VIPs).
With a range of tasty treats, ASHTONIA is ‘The tastiest country in the country! Bottoms up!


For all ticket-related questions, we refer you to Paylogic / (0)900 7295 6442.



Enjoy in ASHTONIAN majesty, a complete evening out with one of the following arrangements:

Gold VIP arrangement

You will be greeted with a majestic welcome on the red carpet of Chateau Zeist with a glass of prosecco, luxurious nibbles and finger food. You then go on to enjoy a culinary three-course dinner, including wine and table water, to round off with coffee or tea. On your way to the Big Top, you will be presented with a goody bag.

You make your way to the Big Top in the Chateau gardens and will be escorted to the best possible, specially reserved, seats.

After the show, it’s party time. Enjoy a drink and dance to the live music in the company of the residents of the most amazing Dominion in the country. That is the way ASHTONIA will give you all an evening you will never forget.

The Gold VIP arrangement costs € 150.- (incl. VAT) per person and can be reserved via this site. For reservations for groups of 9 and more (both private and business guests), please contact us at ashtonia@rtl.nl.

Silver Arrangement

You will be greeted with a majestic welcome on the red carpet of Chateau Zeist with a glass of prosecco, luxurious nibbles and finger food. We serve a second drink before presenting you with a goody bag to enjoy during the show before you head for the Chateau’s back garden to become immersed in the world filled with music and entertainment.

You walk to the Big Top in the Chateau garden and will be escorted to the best possible, specially reserved, seats.

After the show it’s party time and you can enjoy a drink and dance to the live music in the company of the residents of the most amazing Dominion in the country. That is how ASHTONIA will give you all an evening you will never forget.

The Silver arrangement costs € 90.- (incl. VAT) per person. For reservations for groups of 25 or more, please can contact us at ashtonia@rtl.nl.

If you would like to stay the night, we recommend Hotel Restaurant Oud London at www.oudlondon.nl or Hotel Theater Figi at www.figi.nl.
You can contact the hotels directly in order to make your reservation, at 030 692 7400 (Hotel FIGI) or at 0343 49 1245 (Hotel Oud London).
NB: you can also reserve entry tickets for ASHTONIA via this website.


Chateau Zeist (‘Slot Zeist’). A unique heritage of the grandeur of lifestyle in the Golden Age.

On the Utrechtse Heuvelrug at the top of a stately driveway, stands Chateau Zeist. Majestic, mysterious and impressive. Just like ASHTONIA.

With its crystal chandeliers, ornate fireplaces, Baroque sculptures, beautifully painted ceilings, the Chateau is the dream location for this magical circus world.

The history takes us back to 1677. Willem Adriaan, Count of Nassau-Odijck and grandson of Prince Maurits of Orange, bought the ‘glory of Zeist’ and created a hunting lodge and place of pleasure and relaxation. Jacob Roman, the architect of Palace het Loo, designed the Chateau in the style of Dutch Classicism. This style was derived from the 16th century villa’s in de Veneto by Italian architect Andrea Palladia. With the design and interior, the designer of the interior, Daniël Marot, introduced Baroque style to the Netherlands. The period rooms of the Chateau have remained intact and are similar to the interiors of the royal palaces.

In 2017, the kings of the fatherland’s variety theatre took up temporary residence in the Chateau. With all that this involves. We are greatly looking forward to a sequel in the spring of 2018…



Chateau Zeist is easily accessible by public transport. From NS Station Driebergen-Zeist (3 km from Chateau Zeist): buses 51 and 71 depart in the direction of ‘Slot Zeist’.
Get off at the bus stop ‘Het ronde/1e Dorpsstraat’. It is a 10-minute walk in the direction of fun and entertainment!


For navigation to Chateau Zeist, follow ‘Brouwerij’ Zeist. You will arrive at a large car park to the left of Chateau Zeist. ASHTONIA is only a short distance from there.


There are 300 parking spaces (with 2 charging points for electric cars) in the direct vicinity of Chateau Zeist. Also, within walking distance, there is ‘Parkeergarage’ Figi (covered car park) with more than 250 parking spaces.

Follow the signs ASHTONIA.


Where does the show take place?
Chateau Zeist (‘Slot Zeist’), Zinzendorflaan 1, 3703 CE Zeist 030 - 7210600 info@slotzeist.nl www.slotzeist.nl
Where can you order tickets?
Tickets can be ordered on our website www.ashtonia.nl. Please note: tickets should be bought via this site and not via third parties.
What is the final date to buy tickets?
The best thing to do is to buy your ticket online and take a print version of your ticket with you. It is also possible to buy tickets at the gate of ASHTONIA on the day itself.
Are there VIP arrangements?
Yes, there are VIP arrangements. VIP incl. 3-course meal €150.-
Why personalise tickets?
Nowadays, tickets are increasingly being sold on the black market. As a result, visitors unknowingly pay much more than the original price for their tickets. In order to ensure that visitors are not duped by resale tickets, we ask you to provide information about all those in your group. This information can also be used to inform you about the show.
I have one ticket too many. Can I return it?
No, we do not take tickets back.
I have bought tickets but would like to swap them or return them. Is that possible?
We are sorry, we do not swap tickets or take them back.
I have a question about (my) tickets. Who can I contact?
For all ticket-related questions, we refer you to Paylogic
I am part of a large group, can something special be arranged?
If you would like to have a special evening arranged with your group, you can consider buying a VIP arrangement.
I have lost my tickets, what can I do?
It’s very unfortunate if you lose your tickets. We advise you not to wait until the day of the event, but to contact customer service of Paylogic as soon as possible at customerservice@paylogic.com or by telephone: 0900 - 7295 6442.
Do you also sell tickets at the door?
To ensure an entrance ticket, we advise to buy your ticket online in advance. It is also possible to buy show tickets at the Ticker Office on site. You can pay by card or with cash. This is only possible if the show is not sold out.
Are there cloakrooms?
There is a supervised cloakroom to hang up coats free of charge. We are not responsible for any damage, loss and/or theft.
How do I order tickets?
You can order tickets via the official websites www.ashtonia.nl or via www.rtltickets.nl. We advise against buying tickets from a third party, as we can give no guarantee whatsoever as to their authenticity and the price is usually higher. Avoid disappointments and do not be seduced by secondary ticketing. For further information see: www.weetwaarjekoopt.nl.
How can I pay at the event?
Consumption tokens are the means of payment in ASHTONIA. These are available at one of the points of sale on site. We accept: Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, and cash.
Is there an interval during the show?
There is no interval during the show in the Big Top.
Are there First Aid facilities?
Absolutely, First Aid facilities are present at ASHTONIA.
Can we bring our own refreshments to take into the Big Top?
You may eat and drink in ASHTONIA. However, it is not permitted to bring your own refreshments to the land of ASHTONIA.
Can I smoke during the show?
No, as per 1 July 2008, it’s prohibited by law to smoke in public spaces. You may smoke before or after the show outside the Big Top.
What time does the show end?
The grounds are open from 18.00 hrs and close at 23.30 hrs. On Sundays, the grounds are open from 17:00 hrs to 22:30 hrs.
What time do the doors open?
Regular show at 20:00 hrs, the grounds open at 18:00 hrs. Different times for Sunday: the show at 19:00 hrs, grounds open at 17:00 hrs.
Can I leave the Big Top once I’ve entered it?
Your entrance ticket will be scanned when you go in. Once you have been inside ASHTONIA, you cannot re-enter with the same ticket. Once you are in the Big Top, we request you not to leave before the show ends.
Are lockers available?
No, lockers are not available.
Is there a dress code for the event?
ASHTONIA is set in the grounds of Chateau Zeist. The show is held in the Big Top. We advise you to take warm clothing.
Do you need to stand, or can you sit down during the show?
During the show, you take your place on your chair and enjoy the show in comfort.
Is there a minimum age?
The event is accessible to everyone. Visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Furthermore, we do not serve alcohol to people under 18 years. Age advice: minimum age, 12 years.
Can I film and take photographs during the show?
You are only permitted to take photographs and videos with mobile phones. That way, you can still reminisce on this amazing show.
Are there things that I may not take inside?
You are not permitted to take (household) pets, glassware, plastic bottles, tins, fireworks, firearms, weapons and or dangerous objects, (hard)drugs, alcoholic beverages and food, no matter how it is wrapped, into the location where the event takes place, this on pain of those goods being confiscated, and whether or not they will be returned.
I am a journalist/ photographer and would like to attend the show for reporting purposes. Who may I contact about this?
You can send an e-mail to ashtonia@rtl.nl.
Are selfie sticks permitted?
No, selfie sticks are not permitted.
Are ear plugs available?
No, earplugs are not available.
For access by car, bicycle or public transport, please refer to the website slotzeist.squarespace.com/contact-route.
Are there parking places at the location of the event, and is it paid parking?
There are 300 parking places in the vicinity of the Chateau (provided with 2 charging points for electric cars). There is also a second covered car park with 275 more parking places within walking distance.
Will extra buses, trains and metros be deployed?
No, no extra transport will be deployed. When planning journey keep the opening and closing times in mind (subject to any necessary change). You can find up-to-date travel information at www.ns.nl,www.ret.nl and www.9292.nl.
How late does public transport run?
For up-to-date arrival and departure times, see ‘de OV planner’.
Is group transport to the show possible?
No that is not possible.
Disabled persons
Is there a disabled persons parking space?
Yes, in the Zinzendorflaan and at the parking place at ‘de Brouwerij’.
Are disabled persons places available?
Everyone is more than welcome in ASHTONIA. That is why it is accessible to all and special facilities are available for guests with a physical disability during the event. Safety and service assistants are ready to assist guests, provide information and to escort them to their chairs. Please note: 2 disabled persons places are available per performance. The assistant sits beside the disabled person.
How many assistants may I take with me and how do I order the tickets?
We have room for one assistant per disabled persons ticket. That means one assistant per disabled person.
I have bought tickets but am (temporarily) physically disabled and bound to a wheelchair and/or crutches. What do I do?
Wheelchairs and crutches are not permitted in the boxes and/or galleries, but they are in the places designated for disabled persons. Please contact the customer service of Paylogic via customerservice@paylogic.com or by telephone at 0900 – 7295 6442.
Is there a minimum age?
The event is accessible to all. Ticket prices are all the same. Visitors under the age of 16 years are required to be accompanied by an adult. Furthermore, we do not serve alcohol to persons under 18 years. Advice age for the performances is 12 years.
Is the show suitable for children?
Advice age for the performances: 12 years.
Are child-seats available for the performance?
Yes, although only there is an extra charge.
Do you have another question?
Cannot find an answer to your question? Please contact us at Ashtonia@rtl.nl. We would be delighted to be of assistance.